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Rancho Nuevo Harvesting adheres to strict compliance rules and regulations as it pertains to food safety, payroll, transportation, employee safety and housing. Providing labor is a priority but we also make sure we’ve checked off every compliance box to ensure a productive and worry free environment.

About Compliance

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Rancho Nuevo ensures there's no unreasonable restrictions on migrant workers’ freedom of movement and personal freedom during the recruitment and employment process. We're committed to inform migrant workers, in a language that they understand, about their rights and responsibilities on the job as well as those of their employer. Contractual obligations plus legal obligations of employment and living conditions provide for a fully transparent system for wage payment.

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We take an active role in field management through daily logs and compliant safety rules and regulations. Our field supervisors go through continuous training in all aspects of field production and safety. Our goal is that every harvest generates high yields and maximum output.

Food safety workers

Food & Safety

Rancho Nuevo takes many preventive measures to ensure safe and quality products during the harvesting and transportation of the many types of commodities we handle.  We have a long list of procedures we performs at every field we harvest to ensure the utmost in quality and food safety.

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Rancho Nuevo supervisors attend regular training seminars to maintain the necessary knowledge to understand their legal duties, their role as a leader and the concept of due diligence. Supervisors are provided with the knowledge and tools they need to be proactive in protecting worker health and safety and taking the necessary steps to provide a safe work environment.

Field safety. Providing Sanitation


We strive for the smoothest transportation operations possible. We ensure we provide safe and efficient transportation for all produce that we harvest, and for all the employees we transport to and from the fields. We take every safety regulation seriously to not only protect ourselves, but to also protect everyone else on the road.