Dependable People

Experienced workforce Equals quality work

Rancho Nuevo Harvesting believes that quality people are the core of quality work. The H-2A guest worker program is a legal solution for non-immigrant foreign workers to fill labor needs for the agricultural community. We specialize in recruit crop-specific workers through this program ensuring they’re trained, experienced and qualified for every job.

Trained, Skilled and Ready to Harvest

When you need dependable labor, we can help. We're one of the largest and knowledgable H-2A employers recruiting the best workers from outside the U.S. We worry about every detail so you don't have to. Our workers are fully trained, fully documented, housed, fed and cared for.

A seated audience of potential recruits


All of Rancho Nuevo's workers go through an extensive interview process before entering the U.S. and are in compliance with all  Government regulations thus ensuring an experienced and safe workforce.

Fleet of Rancho Nuevo Harvesting Bus Fleet


Rancho Nuevo Harvesting ensures that guest workers are transported with DOT compliant vehicles, fully documented so your focus can stay on your business.

Fleet of Rancho Nuevo Harvesting Bus Fleet


Rancho Nuevo provides a suitable, clean and safe living environment for workers. Freedom of movement and association is recognized at all times. These facilities are registered with the appropriate Government body, (City and State) as required by law.

No Job Too Big or too small

Regardless of location or size of your field, Rancho Nuevo can accommodate your specific harvesting needs. We have the manpower and equipment to harvest any type of row crops from Celery to Watermelons and everything in between.