What We Harvest

Bringing a variety of crops from farm to table

Rancho Nuevo Harvesting has the ability and knowledge to harvest any crop and we specialize in row crops such as Celery, Radish, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Broccoli, Lettuce and Cauliflower to name a few. With a experienced dedicated workforce we can handle all of your harvesting needs in a cost effective and timely manner.

What we harvest: Radishes


We harvest over 14.4 million bunches of radish each year in Oxnard, CA. Our employees bunch, wash, and pack each package of radish in the field for fresh market or for further processing at a packing house. We have created our own harvest machine that moves each bunch through three washing stations before it is packed and transported to its next destination.

What we harvest: Celery


Since 2013, we have harvested celery for customers from Salinas, CA to Yuma, AZ. We typically move from city to city to harvest celery all year around. Our employees produced over 4 million packages of celery in 2019. Our celery harvest includes organic and conventional sticks, hearts, and stalks. These cuts are packed, regular or sleeved, into cartons and transported to its next destination.

What we harvest: Radishes


We harvest a variety of lettuce all year round. The majority of our lettuce harvest is located on California’s Central Coast, but we also harvest throughout California and Arizona. We use a side-loading or conveyor harvest machine to package iceberg, romaine, butter, red leaf, and green leaf lettuce. With the help of these machines, our employees are able to efficiently pack clean-and-core, regular, and bagged lettuce in the field.

What we harvest: Canteloupe


We harvest over 2.5 million packages of melons throughout California and Arizona each year. Our employees use our modified melon machine to help to pack cantaloupe, honeydew, and Tuscan melons. The melons we harvest are field packed, or harvested in bulk and sorted at a packinghouse. At the packing house, we are able to add stickers or sort them into net packaging depending on the request of our customers.

What we harvest: Cauliflower


We harvest cauliflower throughout the year in Santa Barbara and Monterey County. Our employees have harvested conventional and organic cauliflower in the past, and have been able to pack them in the field with the help of our harvest machine. The cauliflower that we harvest can be packed regular, wrapped, or as florets into cartons or totes depending on the needs of our customer.

What we harvest: Watermelon


Our watermelon harvest spans from San Joaquin Valley to Yuma, AZ. Our employees harvested over 47,000 tons of watermelon in 2019. This includes organic and conventional seeded, seedless, and mini watermelons. Seedless watermelons account for 14,000 tons of our total harvest and we produced over 2 million cartons of mini watermelons. The watermelons we harvest are either field packed, or harvested in bulk and taken to a packing house to be sorted.

What we harvest: Cilantro


We began harvesting cilantro on California’s central coast in 2017. Although we are fairly new to this commodity, in 2019 we harvested over 1.1 million bunches of cilantro without the use of a machine. The cilantro is bunched and packed by our employees and then transported to the cooler.

What we harvest: Strawberry


We have harvested organic and conventional strawberries since 2013. We have produced strawberry packs that are market-ready and have harvested in bulk for freezer or immediate use. Our employees are trained to determine the appropriate strawberries to harvest in order to ensure every pack meets quality control standards.

What we harvest: Broccoli


We harvest broccoli all year round in Santa Maria, CA as well as harvest throughout the year in several other California cities. We train our employees on how to cut florets, crowns, and bunches of conventional and organic broccoli. With the help of our modified harvest machine, our employees we were able to efficiently produce over 1.7 million packages of broccoli in 2019.

An arrangement of Brocolli, Cauliflower, radishes and cilantro