A Family Tradition

Looking to the future

Rancho Nuevo Harvesting may have started seven years ago but it’s history spans 37-years of being in the agriculture industry with Jesse Manriquez at the helm of Rancho Harvest, Inc. What started with a single transplanting crew has now grown into a full service harvesting provider specializing in H-2A and Domestic contract farm labor.

Jessie and Jessica Manriquez holding hands in a field

Join Our Family

As a family owned business Jesse has relied on the support of family to ensure the quality, experience and ethical business practices that Rancho Nuevo is known for and continues to this day. His daughter Jessica has taken over as President and CEO and is taking the company to new heights through new technology and social media while retaining the culture of honesty and reliability that Rancho Nuevo is known for.

"Above all we value a culture of people, honesty and reliability." — Jesse Manriquez

Rancho Nuevo continues to grow as a leader in the farm labor and harvesting industry in the Western United States through continuous training in local and federal laws of food safety, employee safety, and up to date training in DOT transportation to ensure quality produce and high yields.

With high recruitment standards some employees have been with Rancho Nuevo for many years thus maintaining a high level of efficiency and experience to meet the needs of our customers and their staffing needs.

Get to Know the Team

Rancho Nuevo's management team is number one when it comes to harvesting and field labor. With a strong combination of business ethics, human resources, financial growth and down to earth field experience, Rancho Nuevo is your choice in harvesting your crops and providing a dedicated reliable workforce for your every need big or small.

Jessica Manriquez


Jessica graduated from Cal State Northridge College in 2011 with a Bachelors in Marketing, and continued her education in Agriculture from Hancock College. Jessica's educational background and hands on experience in agriculture allow her to move Rancho Nuevo into new areas of harvesting and progressive field management and a strong commitment to customer service.

Saul Manriquez

Compliance Director

Saul graduated from Indio High and went on to Hancock College and majored in Human Relations. Saul started his career in 1995 and has held various positions within the company gaining valuable experience from equipment and field management to his current position as Compliance Director and has been a licensed farm labor contractor for over 22 years. Saul also has an extensive knowledge of State and Federal compliance laws and regulations that assures safe and productive field management and customer satisfaction.

Lino Esparza, Jr.

Operations Manager

Lino graduated from Morningstar College with a B.S. in Business Administration and a dual major in Human Resources and Employment Law with a minor in Psychology. With an extensive background in Human Resource management from the Aerospace industry to Agriculture, Lino's ability to oversee a complex overview of field management, employee relations and most importantly customer service leads Rancho Nuevo as one of the most innovative and progressive harvesting companies in California and Arizona.

Julie Reynosa


With over 15 years in financial leadership, Julie demonstrates the ability to provide growth, cost reductions, and improved efficiencies within Rancho Nuevo's approach to harvesting and field management. Julie is a graduate of California State University Northridge with a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance. Her strong commitment demonstrates her ability to work efficiently with our customers needs in mind.